OnData frequency reducer for midi(drum) input patch?

I have MidiNote capturing from my drum pad. the input ondata and output peak several times with each hit and I’d like to reduce the number so that I could feed it into a counter and get a realistic hit count.

I’m new with VVVV and first time poster; I was searching for a while input frequency reduce, bang reducer, but have not come across what i’m looking for, I’m sure there is something simple and quite useful for this :)

if i got it right this can work…

drumfilter.v4p (8.3 kB)

the adsr is an interesting control. i’m trying to wrap my mind around it now. I noticed that going to the change was always causing a double edge, so i was trying a toggle edge. Sometimes it is still registering my drum hits as a double.

I think what is happening is there is reverb from the inital strong hit, which caries into second notes. By expanding the release of the ADR and setting a and making the output fall below ( > ) a value before toggling the edge is working. Intuitively this means if i play really really fast, it will finally trigger when the last note goes up. if i could use something better than the > on the ADSR that would trigger on the initial edge, then ignore stuff afterwards it may work better.

thanks for helping me dive deeper into this one

i had a similar issue with an akai controller, check if you have any maping tool from the device driver itself, sometimes you can set up min a max values before the controller makes the midi signal, i dont know what controller ( or drum pad ) you are using, sometimes the controller setting have that opcion about sensitivity of the pads ( i have a Remore Zero Sl and i can do it from here ).

yeah i forgot the toggle edge, this is a quick work arround,let us know you progress