(offtopic) sound recording utility vvvv

hello everybody,

i know this IS off-topic, but i´m tired of googeling…

i want to record sounds (microphone input) directly from vvvv, i´ve searched for command-line audio recorders, and tested a few, but they all fail at a important point: i can start the recording via command-line, but i can´t stop it, all tools i tested require a length parameter, and i want to send the “stop recording” command from v4.

is pd the way to go?
or does anybody know of a windows command-line utility that does the trick?

thanks, florian

the globalkeyboard node can simulate keypresses in the topmost window. you can find a handle to a given window title with HWND. there is a node, which name has escaped me right now, which has or should have to possibility to bring windows to front. you might also like to control the mouse.
do not touch your machine ever again as soon as everything is working, but give it a try; i´d say.

sebastian oschatz