Official OpenNI nodes aren't working for me

Hey All

I’m getting this:
{img src = "sites/default/files/imagecache/large/screenshot1334505616.png" title = “title”}

But my own OpenNI nodes are working fine, and so are the OpenNI example binaries with their SDK.

Advice welcome! :)


Which version drivers are using, they seem quite picky…
PrimeSense XnVSkeletonGenerator:
PrimeSense SensorKinect:
are working for me…

after picking through the code it appears to be because i’m missing i’m missing NITE (the skeleton parts)

i was only using depth before so didn’t need NITE

would be good to have better errors on the output perhaps

working now! great
i like the way the skeleton node works
might have to transfer functionality to the opencv versions (also with multi-device support)

this is really awesome. thanks devs!

+1000 for the openCV Elliot!