[off topic] VJo question (because I know there are a few ex VJo users here :)

Does any ex-Visual Jockey user know how to copy the settings from one PC to another one (I don’t want to redo all the key mappings, and other input settings)

EDIT: and even worse, when I copied over some FXC files from 1 machine to the other one, they are broken. Nothing works, …

The settings only i cant help you, but whenever i need to reinstall i have my VJo configured in a zip file this way i only install the base VJO ( so it fixes file associations ) and then i unzip my old one over it with all updates settings etc.
As for the broken FXCs i have never had that problem with my method only if i displace the resources ( avis, pics etc) VJO cries for them but thats all.

As far as i know the configuration file is in the main directory but i have never seen it tbh .


I got it working, but there’s one more problem on this windows 7 starter: aviloader+ or aviloader don’t play any video file, complaining about missing codec (ffdshow is correctly installed).

In a file created by Sapo there is a reg-file that should fix video problems. Maybe this is related, but that file doesn’t work on windows 7…

@Sapo: any ideas?

hard to tell… run vjo as admin, try reinstall some other codecs, check the vcredist stuff and directx setup. or try use the mediaplayer node instead

hehe vjo power!