Off-topic about lost VGA connection

It not a directly vvvv related topic but I hope somebody can help me with this.
I got a new Optoma ex762, my laptop is a Lenovo T61 with a Quadro nvs140m, Twinview activated. When the projector is connected and I move something on its screen (that can be a window or the cursor or the vvvv full-screen activation) the projector looses connection with the videocard, then it scans all the inputs anc connect again.
Now, if I ve removed the item from the projector’s screen while it s searching then it all happens again whenever I move it back again, but if I leave the object there (for example a full-screen renderer), then it finds the VGA input and everything works normally thereafter.
I am a bit puzzled cause if I boot in Ubuntu or use another projector ,with the same laptop, it all works flawlessly.
I am not sure if it is a nvidia driver problem or an issue with the projector

I have discovered on my cheap acer projectors thatn enabling “source lock” help defeat such behavior, mysteriously it is disabled by default. There might be a similar feature in your projector. Just a quick thought.


Sounds like your projector is loosing it when you are changing resolution. So either keep your renderers resolution the same as the desktop resolution (see fullscreen dimensions for the renderer with Herr Inspector), or like Sunep said, use the source lock option on your projector.

More weird behaviours, if I move the renderer which is going on fullscreen on my patch then fullscreen goes off automatically, altough I have a Toggle on ON connected to the fullscreen pin, really weird.
I am also getting “trash” into my windowed renderers, looks like if some images from other patches (which are not opened) are somehow being rendered qithout any reason … WEIRD !!