ODE question


I was experimenting a bit with the ODE nodes.

I don’t seem to be able to get the ‘bounciness’ high enough. For example, if I have a sphere that I would like to behave like a ping pong ball, it doesn’t seem to bounce back as many times as a real one would. I can make it drop dead easily, but I can’t get it to behave the other way (bounce back almost as high as where it came from).

Does anyone know if/how that type of behaviour can be simulated using the ODE nodes?


did you try Box2D from vux ?

Yes, but that’s only 2D, right?

you can play with the world parameters in ode and box2d it might help

as ODE seems more or less on it’s way to deprecation i wondered if you tried vuxs bullet port yet? never did a real full fledged project in either one, but bullet should be quite versatile as it’s currently very popular in games and even spreading to film.
as stated above this post is more based on assumptions than real experience so you might want to take it with a grain of salt… ;)

I looked at these, but if I am correct, it doesn’t support joints yet…
That’s why I started looking at ODE.

And it’s harder to get it going since there are no help-patches yet ;-)

@ft : indeed seems there’s no restitution pin in ODE stuff.

Sphere (Bullet), or any bullet shape has restitution/friction built in.

Joints are not supported (yet) as want to find a nicer system than in box2d (I think there’s only one for testing really)

To get going easy, nodes almost have same naming/connection types as box2d ;)