ODE bug when large quantity

i try to manage a very large amount of ODE boxes objects.
patch very simple (no need to post one): one linearspread making more or less 7000 ode boxes not touching themselves at start.
everything works good when i create less than approximately 7000 ode boxes.
vvvv crash directly when i try to create more.
when i create so much boxes, i take care that none of this touch themselves at start.
is there any limitation known about the max number of ode objects creatable and if yes : is it due to ode or to vvvv?

thank you


I’m also experimenting with ODE at the moment - interesting to know the performance with that large count of ode boxes.

I tried it with 700 boxes (BoxStatic ODE … tonfilm modules) - it didn’t crash but it got really really really slow.

i had the same crash bug with ode, but no idea where the limit comes from. would be interesting, if you can create another 7000 boxes with another node, or if its a global ode limit…
the collision detection has for sure no linear complexity, the change from 1000 to 1010 means a lot more additional calculations than from 100 to 110, that might be a reason.
@m9dfukc: reprogramming the ODE transforms as plugins would probably speed things up… if i find some time…

@tonfilm - maybe I could pay you a little. working on the diploma project of a friend … I’m doing the software side (vvvv) and would be very happy to get a stable running system out of vvvv (don’t have the time to code all in java or c++ to get better results). We wanna realize a experimental 3d sequenzer where I need collision detection of balls on a mesh.

… will post more soon

the max number i gave (7000) is the number max of ode boxes i can have. (2 nodes of 3500 each give the same resulting crash).
but i have difficulties to understand if it is a question of memory (not appearing to be a problem…80Mo…) or for example if it is a question of exponantial cpu consumption.
changing the framerate of mainloop or change the “step pin” doesn’t fix the problem.
i tested that 4000 ode boxes can be running without problem if they are quite spaced but if the boxes edge are very closed and disposed like a matrix cube, one external bullet entering into the cube make explode my computer not the cube! like if the required physics calculated between each box was exponentially overloaded, logic…

thank you for your responses