Ode 2d

hi. i try to limit the depth axis in ode simulation. not connecting z-axis doesent do it…

ode-2d-hmm.v4p (22.1 kB)

I’ve done this by having a plane just above the objects, they bounce a little but stay restrained pretty much…

i think @colorsound managed to do this in the way that you described, by omitting any z-forces … maybe he is so nice and publishes a bit of his patch, so it gets more clear how its done.

at some point in the search for 2d ode i seem to have obtained the desired behaviour, but i am not sure how.
here are 2 similar patches, only the second one’s bodies “implode” in the 3rd dimension.
i am affraid i do not understand the difference…

2d yes.v4p (26.0 kB)
2d no.v4p (25.8 kB)