Odd problem

I’m having this weird problem…

If you look at the patch attached, there are three subpatches called “|||target” which behave differently when they’re open and hidden (oscillation on the extra circles displayed for the target only works when they’re open)

Try moving the mouse around and hit the circles, with subpatches open vs. closed. I can’t see why the last two circles on the target would behave any different…

Any idea why?

(Never mind that this probably isn’t the most clever way to patch this ;)

Regards, Ernst Hot

rewired06.zip (13.7 kB)

seems you stumbled over a bug. in your target-patch try connecting the Constants directly to the group (without the switch in between). then it works for me.

Switch (Node) seems to be the evil here.

Indeed, good thing it wasn’t really needed then :D


Regards, Ernst Hot