Oculus Rift + Intel Gesture Camera (DS325)

I finally got around to hacking a Gesture Cam onto a Rift (big thanks to Herbst for the plugins!), so I could use my hands in VR land:

It does a pretty decent job of tracking hands and fingers, except the DS325 field of view is somewhat less than presented by the Rift, and in order for the PCSDK to initially recognize your hands you have to bring them up in front of the camera. But it is cool having your hands in VR!

I could even touch my fingertips together:

Pretty simple to do really, but I can post the patches if anyone’s interested. And it gets really fun when you use a Primesense/Kinect for head tracking and can walk around and touch virtual things…

despite i don’t have access to any of those devices: this might be a nice contribution!

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Looks great.

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Hi mediadog! :) Uow! I really enjoy your approach to use the hands in VR land! :D
I’m trying to do the same here to manipulate some objects. Could you please post the patches please? I’m really interested in it!
Thank you very much!

@mediadog: This is really cool… I have both of these devices and never thought of connecting them. I think if you update herbst’s plugin or make your own contribution, many appreciate this as a start for possible experimenting with hands in Oculus. great idea!

Lol, it looks like we have kinda similliar experiments! :)