Oculus Rift DK2 development required


I’m in urgent need of getting the DK2 working. The current plugin will send the orientation / position data out, but I’m missing the distortion, which is now in the form of mesh data rather than coefficients for a pixel shader.

I don’t think this should take very long, but I need this working for a job very soon (Ie I could do with it in the next day or so:) ) but don’t mind if it’s a bit hacky, so just a way to get the mesh data out would suffice, in addition to the existing plugin.

I can offer cash for development, and am happy for it to be publicly used.

I guess it would be good if one of the devs of the existing plugin was up for this so the money went to them, but I’m easy.

get in touch with me at emailwillhelm@gmail.com if you can help



Ok I think I have a temporary fix : someone is going to write a standalone utility to export the mesh / view data for vvvv import. I’ll share it if it works.

I’m still potentially interested in a native solution though, especially if it includes ‘direct to rift’ mode

So… what’s the actual situation on oculus dk2 with vvvv? Can I use it “as good as in unity”? Maybe a dumb question, but I really want to know what the current state is. We have a DK2 now and the colleagues are messing around in Unity, so I just want to give it a spin in vvvv ;)


It’s not ready to go yet. Am working on a hacky solution!

I keep my fingers crossed for your success @mrboni! DK2 is lying on my desk. I would love to help you but unfortunately HLSL is a “black magic” for me :/

Hey Martin

I have it working, but not in a very elegant way. I have a c++ utility that will export the mesh data and other parameters, which I’m importing into v4.

As the rift needs to be used in extended mode when working this way, the common problems remain such as needing to make the rift the primary output.

I’ll share the c++ app and the v4 stuff shortly. At least you’ll be able to get up and running

i am really interested in this as well

Any news?