Observable<Unit> ToChannel

when converting an observable stream of type unit to Channel no messages are sent by the channel. see attached.

ObservableUnitToChannelBug.vl (12.4 KB)

guess the bug stems from the implementation of Consume inside which passes the messages via EnsureValue to the Channel. And Unit does not change between messages so no further messages in the channel are triggered.
at least i got it working by repatching the ToChannel node with a SetValue.


The ToChannel node now got a new input “Force” that allows to force pushes even if the value didn’t change.

I didn’t want to introduce breaking changes, nor did I want to have obsolete nodes and converters (…) So I went for this solution that allows you to enable the pushes, even though the default behavior is as it was: not each observable notification leads to a push to the channel until you opt-into this behavior. Hope that’s ok for everyone.