Objects flying at you

hi, does anyone know how i can make it appear as though objects such as boxes are flying towards the screen at you constantly.?

when the flying objects hit the limit of the z-axis, they disappear and more will appears far in the distance, constantly flying towards you.

any ideas?

I’m trying to create an effect/animation that looks like this.



Both Linear and Circular spreads have a phase pin, which is handy in that case…

also handy: Map (Value)

zoom.v4p (7.4 kB)

that’s really nice. thank you both.

desaxismundi, I like your work a lot with the particles. You know the ones that look like hair. very nice :)

now, any hints on how I can add the interaction like in the video?

i.e, moving only the frontmost boxes and having them them fly in the direction I send them?