ObjectEditor to allow copying path of properties


I have a Channel<ApplicationModel> to control the state of my project. VL.ImGUI comes with this cool ObjectEditor node that allows me to supereasily patch a sort of “Inspector” for my app : I can see values and also alter the state of my program, cool!

Would be great if I could also stuff my clipboard with the path of a property in just one click, so I can feed it to Select (ByPath).

Probably not high priority now, just a thought for the future…




I’ve done something similar, saving a specific selected object from the array to a separate global channel. Then I was able to modify, serialize, copy and paste it with an editor (custom or existing node).

In general, the editor is very raw and more like a prototype, it is clearly not ready.

Here an example I built to show what I mean.
I still recommend my extension. Either as a finished library, or as something to build on.

ModelDemo1.vl (53.6 KB)

You can even store a channel in a channel to save the object and the ability to edit it on the fly. It looks a bit weirder, but allows for a lot of flexibility in handling such a scenario.

For example, this is how I implemented XML saving to memory and unloading for deserializing / serializing objects .

ModelDemo2.vl (52.4 KB)

with selection ui

ModelDemo2.vl (56.4 KB)