"Object reference not set to an instance of an object." in VL


I’m not sure if this is a bug or not; patch is attached, as well as the error log.

I’m getting a lot of “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” within my new VL patch, and I have no idea why. Attached is a simplified version that can still get the error.

“Note” is one of the types (Record) that I created. For some reason, I’m able to instantiate that as a node within VVVV. I cannot do the same of NoteGroup or Instrument (two other Record types I’ve created within VL here). Why? I do not want to, but I don’t understand the difference. But-

If you open the inspector, then click on the Note node, it goes red and you get this error.

Within my larger patch I’ll occasionally get a lot of these same errors. If I click “continue”, things appear to still be working fine, but it’s disconcerting that I can’t trace this down.

Also of note is the fact that if you right-click any of the VL nodes, when the VL window opens it’ll have an asterisk next to it, as though something changed. I’ll also see the following on TTY:

Node\ to VVVV.VL.Factories.NodeFactory
00:00:10  *  : couldn't connect pins of nodes R (Value) and OSCToInstruments2 (Synestasia.Parsing). 
00:00:23  *  : couldn't connect pins of nodes R (Value) and OSCToInstruments2 (Synestasia.Parsing). 

Using 50 beta 35.8 x64.


v2test2.zip (35.2 KB)

in general the patch looks very good, should work as it is… not bad!

here it is the ‘generic’ button. if you disable generics, then vvvv can deal with the type (since vvvv doesn’t have generics). so there are two rules to make vvvv nodes:

  • category must start with “VVVV”
  • the ‘generic’ button must be off

this is a hint for links that are still in the .v4p patch file but have no pins to connect… this can be resolved by the “cleanup links” command in the vvvv menu (middle click).

as to your null exceptions, the patch opens fine here and does not have any errors… so i can’t help you much with that. but maybe some OSC parsing outputs null sometimes? or does it happen during patching in vl while working on one of the nodes?

it can also happen when you have a data type with fields that are not initialized, like the NoteGroup for example. if you call split before join was called with meaningful input data the split operation could fail with a null exception.

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