'Object Reference Not Set' gamma editor error when opening patch


Getting an Object Reference Not Set error in the console and patch won’t open.

Only seeing this in latest 2022.5.0-361
This bug does not occur in 2021.4.11 Stable or 2022.5.0-335

This happens when I start vvvv (without ‘use repos’ mode) and open VL.PolyTools to edit it .

To reproduce

nuget install VL.PolyTools
Go to Dependencies>VL Nugets>VL.PolyTools and try to open the VL.PolyTools.vl document (or any of the documents in VL.Polytools).

Note however the helppatches for VL.Polytools do work.

You got unlucky there by downloading that version. It’s already fixed in latest.

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