Object oriented patching

What’s happening in your workshop?

We’ll look at dull patches, slides, and visualizations… to come to a better understanding of how we can make the most of our precious patching time and tackle daily tasks more confidently resulting in more beautiful apps and more fun when working on them.

What will people learn?

It’s meant to make us more comfortable when expressing ourselves in VL.

  • When is the right time to turn a data-flow-oriented patch into something that makes use of custom datatypes?
  • Can we even come to a point where we intuitively do it right from the start without the need to refactor our patches all the time?


  • see how objects can be created dynamically.
  • try to wrap our heads around what is happening in memory.
  • see how objects can refer to each other, thus resulting in object graphs.
  • “talk to” objects by introducing instance operations.
  • abstract over objects in a way that they can be treated similarly.
  • touch on mutability and immutability.
  • try to come to a language-agnostic understanding of those topics.

Who is it for?

VVVV beta users;
Everybody who would like to make the most outof VLs language features;
Also, those that would like to dive even deeper into different “recipes” on how to build object graphs in proven ways, which will be covered in another workshop.

What knowledge do you presume your participants have?

Nothing really. It’s meant to work for beginners as well.

A session is 3h. How many sessions does your workshop need?


What’s the teaching level?


How do you qualify for the topic?

I am one of the guys who worked on introducing object-oriented thinking in vvvv.


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