Object intersect DX11

Hey folks, I am building a pyramid of dmx controlled lights. To date I’ve been working on 2d plane of lights, but wanted to get into controlling something in a 3D space.

Each light hangs from a string, and has a place in space which makes up the outer shell of the pyramid.

I have been using pipet in 2D to illuminate lights in 2d, depending on what is on screen, that is changed into the RGB data for the light. This is pretty easy…

I’d like to do the same in 3D, so for example, I can pass a sphere “through” my pyramid, and any of the points within the sphere get selected, and I can give them a different colour, or preset. This would make it easy to send bands of colour, or blocks of lights. Increase or decrease the sphere, move it around…

I’m sure I’ve come across a patch that deals with this, but just can’t find it.

I’ve attached a basic patch that shows the pyramid of lights as they hang, and the sphere of influence to which I’d like the colours changed.

Pyramid 001 - Copy.v4p (14.6 kB)

Try this contrib maybe : https://vvvv.org/contribution/select-3d-object