O problem

Hello all,

I need to force a zero value when I have Ø from select(value): it’s connected to a array of midi input and when all input go to zero the select(value) go to Ø and this cause the null to all node…
I can’t add a 0.001 to Ø, I can’t compare Ø to a string Ø with
=(string) to output one …

In general how i can do this: when i have Ø transform it to 0 or 1 ???

Or could be much easy as setting to no output Ø but 0 when all 0 values is incoming?

Thanks a lot

vvvv comes with a modele called ReplaceEmpty…

Or look inside of that module and check the Count node. it will output how many values are in a given spread.

If there are no values in there, we decided to let all calculations also result in no results. Therefore its quite clear that 0.001 + Ø = Ø

make friends with this rule, its very powerful…