NVPerfHUD in Fullscreen


I tried to use NVPerfHUD with vvvv and I won’t be able to have the NVPerfHUD OSD when the renderer go fullscreen only in windowed mode. Is there a reason for that? And F1,F5… keys doesn’t work too.

Thank you

the NVPerfHUD OSD you see in windowed mode is also not working, that is why the F1, F5…keys don’t work. (you should see some error messages printed on the renderer when making it bigger)

NVPerfHUD requires some special directx-device initialization. you can achieve this via the Device (EX9 Manual) node:

if you have 1 monitor (or 2 monitors in spanmode):
create a Device (EX9 Manual) node and view it with Inspektor. set its “Adapter” pin to “1” and its “Device Type” pin to D3DDEVTYPE_REF. this initializes a device that can run NVPerfHUD.

if you have 2 monitors in dualview mode
do the same as above but set the “Adapter” pin to “2”

i cannot debug the fullscreen problems though, since i have no second monitor at hand. but probably playing around with the Device (EX9 Manual) nodes settings and the Renderer (EX9)s “Device” pin (while the renderer is fullscreen on a 2nd monitor) makes it work.

I’ve already change the device (EX9 Manual) with inspektor and the errors message disappear but F1… keys didn’t works.
I’ll try in dualview and I’ll post back the result next week.

No more success in DualView mode.