Nvidia shader questions

The last days I have been studying the Nvidia shader examples. For sure a very nice learning source!
However, there are a couple of questions that i haven’t been able to figure out, hope someone here can help me a little bit(sorry if the questions are too basic!)
1-Some of the examples work almost out of the box. However, i have noticed that on the Nvidia shaders there is no declaration of any transform matrix(world, projection, view, etc). Is there any reason for such a thing? are transformation matrices handled differently?
2-Another important difference I have found is related with the way texture samplers are declared. In vvvv there is always a sampler struct hosting the texture state. However I have noticed that textures on the Nvidia examples are declared with the function(or is it a macro?) DECLARE_QUAD_TEX. Any pointers on this topic?

Thank you for the help!

Post processing effects don’t really need any of the transforms, so it’s better not to put them is you don’t use them.

Also they have a header file: include/quad.fxh, which contains samplers and all that stuff. So yes DECLARE_QUAD_TEX is a macro which is set in a define in that file.

3d samples still have view, projection and such, like:

float4x4 gWorldXf : World

Hey, thanks for the answer.
Indeed, checking the head files you find the pertinent declaration of matrices and samples. These examples really are illustrative, very good source of learning.
here some snapshots of the results:

cool ths vux, was quite blurry for me too!