Nvidia quadro nvs 140

i am going to get a new laptop and I d like to know if a Nvidia quadro nvs 140 can be considered a decet card to start to work with.
i know it is one of the basic quadro models but at the moment I don t want to get a bulky over 14 inches screen laptop.
Seems like the geforce series is more suitable for vvvv applications.
Specifically I d like to ask what do you guys think about the (in)famous geforce 9400 equipped Macbook (13,3 inches) and the quadro nvs 140m shipped with the Lenovo T61.
Thanks in advanced.

Equivalent Geforce card better than quadro when it comes to vvvv. read this for more information.

Don’t know about comparisons between models though.

famous geforce 9400 ? it’s a half-decent chip to render OSX gui animation and not more. vvvv will be able to do a little bit with this chip but you easily reach max. performance.

you better get the 15" with geforce 9600M GT.

Equivalent Geforce card better than quadro

when you look at prices that is.

i wrote in(famous)…

Thanks guys for the quick replies, I am rather new not only to vvvv but also to the digital graphic world, I did some stuff on PureData but I mainly deal with audio software/hardware, so every little help is so much welcome by my side.


yo simone,

i’ve seen that, i just don’t get the meaning of in(famous) ;)

“berüchtigt” ;)


I would recommend you a Nvidia Gforce for your laptop :

GeForce™ GT 130M
GeForce™ GT 230M
GeForce™ GTX 260M

I think Geforce is more reliable for vvvv as Quadro series are optimised for Autocad, 3DS … but have lower raw specifications.

See you

Anto _ DS

thanx bilderbuchi :)

I meant the polycarbonate macbook were (in)famous for they are the most sold Apple computers ever as well as those ones of the lowest quality… I still own a 12 inches Powerbook and it served me good for a long time… just getting nostalgic … good memories …

alright now i get it :) …i thought u meant the in(famous) geforce chip which either didn’t make sense or i missed something. cos i’m quite interested in GPU’s and could’nt believe i missed some rumours.

yeah the white macbook is crap, i’ve seen quite a few falling apart. although components seem to work for ages.

in terms of mobile computer for vvvv… i can recommend a macbook pro. even my 2 year old one is fine and rocks.

the new macbooks definetely require a mouse, the no-button-touchpad is evil.

on pc side i like dell, their XPS and studio line seems alright but then again, the macbook pros been always a little bit faster overall with similar specs.

Oh well
I got a Lenovo T61, it ll be ok as a starting point, when I ll be ready to feed it with more GPU intensive tasks, I ll probably get a decent tower (btw Shuttle PCs look great) and boygroup the whole thing, that seems reasonable.
It s the first time I switch back to Windows after many years of Linux/OSX militancy so you see how much I love you …
New lappy is going to be here next week, I am probably going to crash the server over help request messages…