NVIDIA Quadro K2000M vs Gforce GTX 680

Looking for a new laptop…
NVIDIA Quadro K2000M with 2GB GDDR3 vs geforce GTX 680m 2GB

which one do u guys recommend for best vvvv performance?

do not go for quadro cards. just seen this in the beginner course, some shader just dont work on quadros or behave weird.


but i would go for 680MX, even better perf

So the advantage that the quadro has on CAD applications doesn’t apply at all here?

right, quadros are for CAD and geforce for gaming. a good gaming pc is a good vvvv pc.

i heard, that the quaddro cards outpace the geforces in non-fullscreen situations (e.g. in a cad-programm)

quadro and advisable to use heavy … hospital equipment

dont try at home using quadro and normal card sametime blows drivers badly basicly nothing works like this