Nvidia PureVideo

Nvidia PureVideo provide Advanced Hardware Spatial Temporal De-Interlacing. Do you think vvvv could benefit from a manner or another of this add?

oops! It already done. Nvidia Post Processor Filter provide Adaptive and Bob deinterlacing in Videotexture Node.


Can we expect gamma pin in Videotexture Node (YUV…) working with PureVideo?

the pins expsed are all from the directshow-api. there is no gamma pin.
about the “Spatial Temporal De-Interlacing.” i am not really sure. Adaptive and Bob deinterlacing have been available even before the PureVideo buzzword.

i heard something that the new special deinterlacer might only be working for overlay rendering (when watching dvds…). but i’m not sure about that.

what’s happend? I’m trying to use Nvidia post processor for deinterlacing with vvvv but now it doesn’t appear when I do a simple patch.
Using graphedit, the Nvidia Post processor appear and is connected.
Do you have an idea.