Nvidia Optimus today (DX11)

Hello there,

because i’m planning to migrate a patch on a notebook, that has optimus, i still have some questions…

For now, i have 3 nice answers from the beloved shoutbox:

matka: @sebl i’m still having problems sharing texture on integrated GPU
~4h ago

Are you talking about AsSharedTexture (DX11.Texture 2d) and FromSharedTexture (DX11.Texture 2d)? What’s the problems exactly?

elliotwoods: also there is some software that can re-open on-board gpu outputs + use acceleration from an nvidia card (link anyone?)
~10h ago

That’d be indeed a nice piece of software…

tekcor: yeah actually it is pretty nice to have one silent and one fast graphic device to choose from :)

Thank you!

ok, I’m talking DX9 here,

haven’t try DX11 yet

texture share on dx11 is broken too, theres is meant to be a driver update from Nvidia soon to fix it (middle of this month is what I think it was, so about now…!)

what do you mean by saying texture sharing? those 2 nodes i mentioned above, or the freeframe sharing thingy?

do you have more info on that driver update?

Hello there,

a friend of mine offered me an optimus (gamer)-laptop for a fantastic price,
but i´m struggling to get it, because i´m a little bit confused, if it is a good idea as i it seems, there are still problems with the optimus.

How can I get a overview of what will work and what won´t…

Don´t have clue, how to get it managed to combine all that theoretical topics into a perspective, if it will be a good idea to buy that one?

http://spout.zeal.co/forums/topic/nvidia-optimus-bug-fix/ is the link I saw regarding driver update, and yes I mean the shared texture memory nodes.

Can I conclude then: It would be brave to buy a optimus-laptop now, because no one really knows if it will work well now or later?

Hey huys, I have had all kinds of struggle trying to use this feature (shared textures, particulary DX texture -> OpenGL app like Resolume Arena in my case) on my Optimus notebook (Lenovo ThinkPad T420).
I have tried all the possible graphics driver settings I could imagine, with no luck.
BUT, just by a lucky accident, when i brought my machine to a friend for cleaning and other maintanance, as my friend knew I was struggling with optimus, he suggested to take a look at the UEFI BIOS settings, to check if there is a possibility to disable the integrated Intel graphics on that level.
And voila, just after updating my UEFI BIOS, we found it was possible to do so, just to selectively and explicitly enable / disable either of the graphics cards. So I just disabled my Intel graphics and boom - even the original Elios DX texture sharing started to work like a charm;)
Although a am aware this is not an optimal solution as I cannot use my Intel, it definitely worked for me, unlike any other solution.
So I would encourage you to buy an optimus laptop, as long as you make sure it BIOS / UEFI or whatever system setup it uses, allows you to selectively disable particular graphics. Hopefully nVidia is going to fix this on their side too soon - I believe so because the pressure from user communitiy seems to be quite massive:)
Good luck!

Have laptop atm with nVidia card, and intel card set as default for laptop screen without ability to turn it off ;[ struggling like hell from that, not sure why but external monitors work as nvidia and internal only as intel lol.

Nvidia fixed some optimus problems with latest driver but its def headache, would go for other option

ati suxx :[

i tested dx11 texturesharing on a new optimus machine without any troubles. and everything else works fine, too.

maybe the trick is to set vvvv to use only the nvidia card in the nvidia control panel.

it’s the 344.xx driver - i didn’t test any others.

what i didn’t test is this spout or dx to opengl-bridge thingy.

cheers, i hope that helps.