Numbers no longer works in KeyMatch node

Enter simple numbers in Key Match field of KeyMatch Node, for example “1, 2, 3, 4”

In 31.2 and older versions as I can recall it works as I expect and the KeyMatch node generates pins labeled with the numbers and they respond to corresponding number key presses.

In 33.3 and up KeyMatch node generates pins named after mouse buttons or other buttons (for example ‘4’ results in pin named MButton).

Have only tested with the versions I have installed and not narrowed it down to the specific version the behaviour changed but I suspect it’s related to: ((blog:keyboard-mouse-and-touch-news))

Couldn’t find any change log or other mention of that this behaviour changed (but surprised no one else encountered it and posted about it).

Some further investigations:

for the digit ‘0’ (windows key code(decimal): 48)
in 31.2: “0” and “D0” works, “48” doesn’t work
recent versions: “D0” and “48” work (both generate pin called “D0”, “0” doesn’t work.

So it seems that using ‘D’ prefix to digits is what works across versions for now.

hey beyon, yes the D prefix is correct. am on a mobile device atm so can’t check, but basically keymatch is now using official windows key namings. of course this should at least be mentioned in its helppatch…

vvvv making big changes in our lives: although I was perfectly fine with mine, I just found I need the D.

oh well, i just saw that link:
is already in the helppatch. still added the info about the requrired D prefix for number keys.

The link is to MSDN page in german.

I have no real issue using the D prefix even if I think it’s a bit less intuitive however my main issue was that the behaviour was changed in a patch-breaking way between versions without notice.

Just want to make sure you don’t link to (at least not only) the German version, this might be a more appropriate version(?):

yep, updated that. thanks for the pointer.