NTrees.dll from Beta in Gamma, Issues

Hi guys,
i’m trying to use beta’s NTree.dll in Gamma, and Gen2 is counting up constantly.
Every time Gen2 counts up the patch freezes for a frame.
Probably i’m doing something wrong in the way i’m implementing it.
Any help would be great to have this beauty back in vvvv.

QuadTree.zip (23.2 KB)

Kdtree.vl (34.0 KB) this is using the nuget kdtree. Its literally just a test to see if I could get anything to work for a possible project that didn’t go any further. It may or may not help.

Thank you, i’ve tried already this nuget and it looks quite powerfull, but in the end i didn’t use it due its complexity.
I really like how simple the NTrees nodes work for realtime uses.

Have you seen this?:

Bjoern, it looks great.
I have to start to think more about implementing algorithms than just reusing old Beta plugins.
With Gamma it’s much easier to build this kind of things.

Thanks for the pointer

In any case, the Ntree C# implementation is much faster than the patched one, independently from the drawing part.

I guess the explanation @Elias gave in the following thread also applies here:

Not fully understand the reasons but thanks.

It’s noteworthy that all libraries/packages nowadays - in vvvv gamma 5.0 previews - get pre-compiled by default. Pre-compiled == optimized.

To make vvvv gamma believe something is a package, the minimum requirement is to put it into a subfolder of vl-libs and name the subfolder like the document.

For developing & debugging the package you’d specify it as an editable package, for profiling & usage of the package you’d remove it from the list of editable packages.

Also the overhead for editable patches reduced since that quote from elias. The system got more light-weight regarding hotswap & the pressure on the garbage collector. But still there is a gap in performance between the optimized & precompiled vs. the inspectable & editable version.

I assume this can be also applicable to the exported apps, in that case there is no need to create a library pack.

Sure. Exported apps are always optimized.

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