NRT_render and sound input sync

Hi fellows,
so far I couldn’t figure out how to solve this problem:
When I play a sound file and my graphics respond to the sound, how can I render
the graphics using Ampops NRT_render in a way that the graphics are really syncronized on the sound? The NRT_render node renders each frame while the sound is still playing at normal rate. The result is of course that the sound input
is not accurate anymore.
Any solutions?
Cheers Jannis

i’ve done that, will send you a patch today… have to go now…


Awesome !
Thanks a lot !

Greetings Jannis

me too, pleeeease!



i’ve catch a cold somewhere and I’m alergic to some platns growing in front of my balkony so please excuse me if i i’ll confuse you… i’m felling realy bad…

i had the same problem as you had and i made myself this sequencer.
I’ve made it few days ago and will put it on my UPages when i’ll finish it, help and good ideas apricieted!
it’s working like a regular fruty loops sequencer and i hope it wont be hard to find it usefull, or understand.
there are two patches: one is a stream player and onother one is a sequencer. they are conected. player sends the position data to sequencer.
you must mark, set the ioBoxes, to tell him when to send a diferent data, for now only 1 or 0 possible.
if you want to get the data from a FFT and put it in the squencer, just put one GetSlice from a FFt to a io area, did’nt finish that version…
it is a good trick to use FFT couse it’s faster to write and when you “record” you can edit it…

it’s realy nice to work with NRT this way.
woei! please take it from here

vedran (7.9 kB)

Thanks Vedran, I check it out tomorrow…

hi vedran…
your sequencer is pretty nice but i dont get how to render with the nrt in combination with the sequencer…
can you explain me how?

did’nt want to confuse you…
but i left something wery important…
that Lfo driving sequencer…
download new version!

I’ve add a new version and here is explanation_ver_2 :)

-run the player patch
-take a look at the text in it
-load some music
-press P to play it (it has some problems, press it till working)
-press space to return on start position
-than fill your sequencer by pressing some ioboxes in it
-note that each verical line is 30sec long, not so important but…
-then connect output from sequencer to somethin you want to animate
-press space to run the stream from begining and check if all is on it’s place
-when you are done with that go to next line… :)
-then switch from streams positionOut to Lfo, use the switch
-now you can stop, disconnect your stream couse Lfo is driving sequencer
-and now you can NRT your animation
-after rendering create avi with JpegVideo
-add sound on it with some software that does that
-you just put it on the firs frame, it should fit in
thats all
if you have some problems say it loud!
will make it fancy when i grab some time…

cheers and enjoy!

and the sequencer file…

and the sequencer file… (8.8 kB)