Novation Nocturne controller

I am a bit attracted to this small controller to go with my laptop.

Novation Nocturne

However it seems like you can’t freely use the bottom eight buttons which is a big turn-off for me. The thing is that it doesn’t act as a midi device directly, you can only get midi through their automap software which doesn’t let you assign those buttons since their reserved for functions within their software. I’ve done a lot of googling trying to find a work around but only managed to find a few users that were also irritated by this.

Anyone here has one and has found a work around or can say anything about what kind of device windows sees it as which could be a start to hack it into submissoin :) ?

I’ve got one, its ok, but the middle knob doesn’t do anything in non aware soiftware, and the buttons are a bit of a waste, although you can switch pages and layouts which I do use…
Its cheap and well built tho!

Contacted Novation support and got a request about making all of the hardware mappable forwarded to their dev team for whatever that might be worth.