Novation nocturn touch sensor


i have a midicontroller, communicating through usb.
the automap software what novation gives these with, can clearly get the touch-sensor data, but it stops there, and i dont exactly understand how to get them to pd / 4v.
automap simply doesnt send it on a separate midi signal forward.

i ran a usb monitor software, but it shows really lot of information for a single touch-sensor 1/0, too much i dont get what to refer to from the 4v patch.

is there a way to catch these knob sensors for extra usability?

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i think i wrote a bit messy:

so the knobs DO send the usual 1-127 midi scale, but i know that they send touch-sensor data ASWELL, i just cant track those from vvvv.


maybe it is possible to translate the incoming touch sensor data to CC data so vvvv can receive it: MidiOx can do that.


it outputs these:

but just for knob turning. these are midi signals. midi-ox doesnt see the sensor.
the touch sensor data gets stuck inside the automap server - it doesnt send it forward, novation uses it just for display.

however if i run the USB monitor, when i touch knob 1., it looks like:

if i release, i catch this signal:

does it say anything useful for you?


If you are talking about this device, than the specs say: “Standard MIDI Protocol Supported The transparent GUI also allows quick and simple editing of standard MIDI parameters.” So, change everything to normal MIDI notes?

I don’t know what USB monitor does, is that just monitoring the pure USB data, before a driver translates it in something usefull?


yes, its the same device. 8 knobs, 1 fader 8 buttons - these all send midi messages (as long the company’s automap server is running)

anyway, somehow they did put extra touch sensors for all knobs and the fader - just for displaying which one is touched by the user.(in the server software)

i think with these extra signals, the controller could be twice as usable (2x more things to tweak:)) - if i could just get those thouch signals translated to vvvv.(midi)

the usb monitor shows EVERY input what leaves the controller - midi and sensor data aswell.

there must be a way to catch/translate those touch signals :)

but i guess im just not target educated enough :)

i’m really guessing here, but maybe you could outsmart the vendor usb-to-midi driver by replacing it with a tool that can do that (catch usb events and output something else)… you’re already half the way with the usb monitor :)
the only tool i’ve used that comes close is Event Ghost, whose main business is turning remotes into human interface devices; since that sort of puts it into the while usb/hid-business, it might (guessing again) recognize the nocturns signal (if they are standardized in any way) or provide the plugins to do the above.

thanks ill have a look here :)