Novation Nocturn MIDI Controller

I just got a Nocturn to play around and I found this device deserves a thread for it’s own.
I think it is really a cool interface for v4 patching and performing:
It is quite affordable (95 Euros). It has endless knobs and buttons which are nicely iluminated. It is small and sturdy. wow!

I’m just getting into it, but the software “Automap” that comes with it, also seems quite handy. I’d really like to get all the features like auto-learn, speed dial and the touchsensors on the knobs usefully tied into v4 and properly connect with automap.

Does anyone here want to share some patches or plugins on this topic? Would be cool…

you’ve already seen my module for the novation remote zero on my userpage-modules? (don’t think it’s very useful for the nocturn, though, i think this is no pure midi device anymore?)
there’s an automap sdk available from novation, so it should be possible to create an automap plugin for vvvv. this would be really useful i think. :)

edit: also, seems the MAX/MSP community did some digging:

automap plugin for vvvv sounds really awesome!