Notuiv: Flicking animation won't work on touch release

Helloooo, especially to @microdee!

I’m currently using Notuiv for a User Interface in a touch application and first of all, I have to say it is very impressive - thank you for your work on it! I noticed that the flicking animation runs smoothly when interacted with an element using my mouse, but its not triggered on touch release.

As well I am using the MoveToTopOnTouch Node, which is not doing anything at all (but works in your example patch), am I missing something here?

Cheers and thanks!

hmm for MoveToTopOnTouch make sure your renderer has depth testing turned on. For sliding, can you please provide the patch as well?

The forum tells me I don’t have permission to upload files, so will send you via Riot…

Quick fix for the touch release bug: Leave an EX9 Renderer somewhere in the patch, in my case just as “In a Box”. This will make the flicking animation in a DX11 Renderer on touch release work again.

EDIT: This was because the second renderer set the overall frame rate down to 60 fps, which was set globally to 120 before. Somehow it does not work with a framerate above 60.

@chk well forget that EX9 renderer and see if turning on VSync on the DX11 renderer inspector yields the same result :P
I’m untagging that as a solution because that’s just super hacky, also if high framerate causes a feature to not work that will have to be solved in notui, instead of forcing the user to use it with lower framerates. Probably there will be a bug inside the sliding behavior mainloop.

Well, did not have time to investigate further, but with VSync enabled it works too. Will tag YOUR answer now as the solution. Thanks!

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