Not found patch kinect v1

hello guys, some time ago my interaction design professor showed me how to open the patch with all the instructions to connect the kinect v1 inside vvvv! please can you help me? I just need the patch, not the ready-made file, because I have to present it for the exam.


assuming you’re using latest beta39.1 and you haven’t unchecked “Install Addonpack” during setup, you’d have the kinect nodes automatically available in the nodebrowser.

pro-tip: rightclick an entry in the nodebrowser, to directly bring up the nodes help-patch (if available).

hope this helps.

ok I have them all, but I remembered that the professor inspired me a page (always with vvvv) with all the instructions on each toggle etc, with the single explanation of each object that connects us

have you rightclicked the entry

Kinect (Devices Microsoft DX9)

to bring up its helppatch?

thx men

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