Not all bookmarks visible in the drop-down shade

my dears,

it seems i have accumulated more bookmarks than those, which are being shown in the drop-down shade (using the my bookmarks button top right). this issue isn’t new to me, alas annoying nonetheless. on OS X 10.6.x and 10.7.x: safari 4 & 5, FF 9 & 10; and on XP: FF 9 & 10 – it’s always the same. this can easily be tested by adding new bookmarks, these won’t show up and i suspect they are somewhere below the lower border of the drop-down shade.

i miss those bookmarks, pls fix this.
best, patrick

seems i’m the only one with this problem. wow.

I don’t have that much bookmarks so I can’t say right now.
Also bookmarking contributions is not working. Is that by design?

hi patrick,

firstly: sorry for the late answer, I was away all of last week. secondly: I have tried to reproduce this problem, but I can’t. If I look at the website as user “patrick” I can see you have 20 forum threads as bookmarks which are shown in the list, sorted alphabetically. If I add a new one (for example this thread), I can see 21 bookmarks. There is no place in the websites code restricting the number of bookmarks you can add. Could you double check, and if the problem persists, just tell me any thread you have actually bookmarked but which will not show up in the list? Then I can check specifically what’s going wrong.


hi dave,

i just added this thread to my bookmarks, as requested, and made screenshots as a hard proof for this issue. alas, it isn’t there, nor are the other 10 or so bookmarks i added, that just aren’t there. i hope this helps, if not, lemme know.

best, patrick



hi patrick, that’s really strange, if I log in as patrick, then I can see the bookmark of this thread. there’s one thing to keep in mind: you need a reload of the page (or a click on any link) before the newest bookmark shows up in the list. could you check if you can see the bookmark now after coming back to the site?

oi dave.
just tried it again as you wrote, on 2 machines, using 3 different browsers (safari, ie, ff) and it’s still the same. disabling all plug-ins on safari, running ff in safe mode, this issue persists in any case. a rather deliberate trial on mobilesafari (iOS 5.0.1) is consistent with my report.

dave, did you try logging in with my account on a machine that you are normally NOT using? maybe there is something beneficial in the state of your browser(s) (in regard to your admin account) that a regular user does not have? i know you were logged in as ‘patrick’, but you never know what rests in one of your cookies ;)

by the way, what is the name of the bookmark before this thread? the last bookmark visible to me is ‘video codec beyond fullHD’, as seen in the screenshots.

i’d be curious to know of other folks experiences on that topic!

hi patrick, this is really strange. I can log in as the real “patrick”, so there shouldn’t be any caching going on. Also the bookmarks feature is a special module I wrote. I just logged in as you again, I’ve attached the screenshot where you can see that I can see that I see this thread. I’m not sure how to debug this :)

ok, here’s the deal:
i assumed that the bookmarks were ordered by the time of their addition, not alphabetically. i kept looking at the wrong place (wallbash), that’s clearly my mistake (sorry for that).

but but but but: i created a bookmark for artnet-arduino-set-v2 and it does not show up coz there is no column for contributions, still when looking at the top of that page, i can see that the bookmark has been set (remove bookmark flag) – aha!

one more thing: there are bookmarked forum posts that do not show the bookmark switches at the top of the page, ie. or this one , which i would like to bookmark but can’t, as the bookmark links do not appear (although, when hovering the mouse where i expect them to be, the pointer changes …)

ähem …

ok that makes more sense. I could reproduce these problems and I added a contributions section and also fixed a bug which would prevent the bookmark button from showing up in certain cases. thanks for taking all the trouble to report and analyse these bugs :)

top dave! thanks for taking care :)

one last thing, albeit not being related to the discussed issues:
mails, that notify of updated posts, always feature the first post. it would be more useful to read the new answer, thus reducing traffic (you’d have to check in just to see what the answer actually was, not knowing if visiting the site was really necessary).

i put my bookmarks in a .txt

patrick we use a mail notification module which doesn’t really satisfy our needs. the plan is to develop an own one at some point, but as I always point out, our vvvvebsite to-do list is really really long, so I can’t promise if and when there’ll be a better solution.

cool, better times will come :D
thanks so far, dave, i appreciate your help.