[noob] Rotate 3d grid of objects

Hi all,

I’ve just started out with vvvv, trying to get my head around it.
I’ve made a 3d grid of boxes using a linearspread and a Cross(3d).
Now, what I want to do is rotate the entire cube of boxes around by changing their positions while keeping their relative location to eachother, so not rotate the view or projection matrix of my renderer, put alter the actual x,y,z coords of the boxes.

How could I go and do this?

transformation hierarchies…

simply connect transform outlet of a Rotate (Transform) to the transform inlet of your other Transform node.

gregsn? i can’t find your tutorial patch anymore?

Cheers, that seems to work!

Then how can I get my ‘new locations’ back from the translate output?

with ApplyTransform (Transform)

brecht.v4p (10.9 kB)

cheers! Exactly what I need :)