Noob question - making standalone audio vis

High all,

i was referred to the VVVV by someone in the Winamp visualisations forum.

I have been mucking about with it a wee bit and can see the potential of using it for manipulating graphics using audio data.

The only problem i have up to this point is how to make the visualisations i produce available to other people so that they can download them and use them on their own PC’s. Do they have to install VVVV? Or is there some way that i can make a standalone installer which people can download and use? (as is possible with programs such as is possible with Processing)

I prefer VVVV’s modular approach compared to the code-based method which Processing uses, but i’m not sure if VVVV has the same amount of functionality in making standalone visualisations as Processing does.

Any help would be appreciated.




Actually, you cannot export a vvvv patch to a standalone .exe file. Everything you create with vvvv, needs vvvv to run.