Non realtime rendering question

I’m trying to use vvvv as a rendering engine, outputting single frames of a sequence.

What I’m wondering is; is there a way to know when all objects have been drawn, so that you can then tell vvvv to write the frame to disk?

Regards, Ernst Hot

are you talking about Writer (NRT) or do you want patch something new?

in general you dont have to care about execution order like in max or pure data. vvvv calculates each node in every frame. if you want to render in non real time, you have to set the MainLoop to increment mode, then the time for all animation nodes is incremented in the framerate you’v set at the MainLoop node. so, if you make a video out of the stored frames you get a perfect animation. the module Writer (EX9.Texture NRT) is exactly for this purpose, the MainLoop node is already included.

best wishes, tf

Thanks, that seems to work nicely :)

I decided to code it all instead though, the whole thing started acting weird when I started using a lot of spreads.