Noise fields

I was just going through deaxis’s noise field pictures and wondering how they were made, experimentation with 2d perlin noise fields just don’t produce the same kind of results, does anyone know how where I could start?

Here’s the link to what I’m talking about.


Noize field was posted few times ago by Lenny I think.
Haythem blu knows who exactly did it. I’m bot sure !
Here is the patch. With few tweaks you could generate lots of nice fields.

Havvvve fun

noisefield.rar (110.9 kB)

Yes, some times ago i asked Lenny about his wonderfull processing noisefields. He ended up with a great patch. Most of my NoiseField pictures are produced with a slightly similar approach using the Rope node.


Thanks guys, yes I was trying to create them using quads in close proximity to each other, I’ll have a play with the rope nodes. Thanks for the link too!