Nodes appear in red


I’m an artist with a strong background in 3d modelling, and after being fired, I decided to re-think what I want to do, and something that really appeals me is interactive visualization and installations (I studied fine arts in school).

I have been researching and I have 2 options for starting my learning path: Or vvvv, or TouchDesigner.

At first sight, it looks that TouchDesigner it’s more easy…but i tried to follow one tutorial, and starts to get confusing with Python stuff. VVVV looks that you have more tools for problem solving, and because i’m learning pure data (with a teacher), it looks like it will be more similar to learn.


1- I downloaded the “Gestaltung Generative Design Examples” as a starting point for learn slowly, because i find they are very well commented. You recommend this path for start learning, or better with the girlpower examples???

  1. I noticed that a lot of objects are in red when I open some patches (from the noodels pack). For example, I don’t have the dx11 render options in my node search (double click left button). Another example is I don’t haven the “Mouse (system window Legacy 2)” node, but when i click on it it says that it’s part of the addon pack, but I don’t have it when I search for it.

EDIT: I downladed the dx11 pack form github.

Thanks a lot in advance

regarding red nodes did you read through this?