NODE15 documentation videos

hi there,

some of us made video recordings of workshops and other sessions at NODE15. i’d like to invite everyone of you to share this material and put it online somewhere.

to keep things organized i made a wiki-page where everyone can post the links to it here:


since i myself missed couldn’t attend many of the workshops i’d be really happy if you would share your stuff as well…
(from my side there’s some more to come, i just try to be polite and ask all the workshop hosts first personally before putting the stuff online).

now with recordings of “shading pointclouds” and “emeshe”. not very good quality but might still help somebody.

please share your recordings as well. i know there were guys recording the cutting paper and the g-code workshop…

ja, I’ll post some stuff. But the vids take some time to upload and render…

DX 11 Basics, Kinect Basics, V50 rabbit (parts) will come. With Physics 3D and GPU particles I have to get permission first.

Did anybody film vaudio?




well, actually i did record parts of VAudio in the beginning but due to an empty battery those recordings are so sliced and incomplete i did not upload them…

got Advanced shading workshop morning and afternoon recorded using screengrabber + microphone, dope as fuck. Check v4tutorial channel on youtube. still 10 minutes left to upload and it’s yours guys. PART2 coming up in couple of days. will update wiki. Also have clean audio recording of compute shader tutorial and talking to catweasel about getting video he recorded. peace

evvvvil… you’re great!!

@drehwurm i sent you an email…

would be cool if someone will do a quick video on codding workshop/s since thous were overlapping, and just a brief explanation would be really handy

@tonfilm… didn’t get one…

i used the email form on your userpage. i’ve sent another test email right now… did you get it?

nope, sorry

ok, seems to be broken… could you send me one?