NODE13 workshops documentation

Hi vvvvorld,
I have a request for you. I would suggest to create some documentation pages after NODE13 for sharing workshop contents for all vvvvusers who can’t go to NODE (like me). Something similar for pasts NODEs already exists: courses.

Every workshop page could contain slides, patches and videos of the course.

Every workshop leader or some vvvvolunteers could group the materials and create the pages.

This is only a suggestion. Do you think is it possible?

I think it would be great…

+1… no text …

would be very nice, so +1

+1… no text …

yes,please +1

yes yes please please ++1

It would also be nice to have video documentation on the Symposium and some happenings.

especially the DX11 related stuff


and folding paper please!

Pasting here some videos and streaming channels so far:
Node13 HackerSpace >
Node13 Mirrors >

Up post after NODE13 ;)

hello all.

We’re planning on releasing all data from the buffer, but we have to clean it up a little first.
So stay tuned.


@readme: before releasing stuff from buffer, maybe you should give the workshop-host the chance to clean up a little.
at least i would need to…

@woei: yeah, right. That’s what I was trying to say actually.
I was told joreg wants to take care of this, so he will probably contact everyone …

♥… no text …

I think eveybody who assisted node already have the 5.3gb backup from the server, but as woei said, i think each workshop host should release it when the have time. It was a long week and most people its still traveling and getting back to their normal lifes, so we all need to wait for a few weeks.

@woei you made a great contribution with the ar.drone, can;t wait to get home! :)

Here a collection of materials from NODE13 workshops. The post will be updated as material comes in.


we’re still unclear about the licensing issue of the ardrone code. in contact with parrot already though.
have some patience with distributing that one please