Node13 Hackspace Wishlist

node is getting closer. I have stuff I would like to test out and have some hands on experience with before I make a decision about a possible purchase or just to try out gear I have not yet had the chance to try out.

So I what about using this thread as a sort of wish list. I know there will be a leap sensor and other interesting stuff. but perhaps if we make a list here, someone with the actual gear might be able to bring it to node or perhaps it is already in the hackspace.

First off, I would like to try out the intensity Shuttle in the USB version:

I have read lots about it working and not working so it would be nice to see if it works with my setup before splashing out on it

I can probably bring a usb shuttle, and the thunderbolt one if anyone’s interested

would be cool if you would let me test the thunderbolt version! thanks

Hey, i can bring the Intensity Shuttle USB3 and explain how i got i running.
I also have a brainwave headset, which could be fun to play around with.

Another thing i would like to bring: Ive built this very basic and bulky Kinect+DSLR Mount for my tripod. Would love to do some RGB-D Toolkit filming @node or even direct input calibration in vvvv.

I would love to see some DIY stuff. Any type of sensors. Im also very interested in modding regular webcams into Infrared ( the logitech c920 especially ) and also solutions for cheap Infrared Lighting. I will try to print a few Reactivision Markers on IR-Reflectiv Material, if anyone would be willing to bring IR Cameras/Lights. Id love to test this. :)

i’ll be bringing a leap too. just if somebody is interested in trying…

I will also bring my little acer tablet that I have upgraded to win 8 if someone is interested in seeing how it works with touch = almost not.

Aaand another Leap as well as a 3dConnexion SpacePilot Pro.

… good thread …

let me think … what could i bring to the hackspace that could be interesting for vvvv-users / the community …

MT550 MultiTaction Cell 55" (1st generation)
camera-array based multitouch-display 55" capable for marker tracking and much more

Samsung SUR40
MultiTouch Display with Touch and Object Recognition using “PixelSense-Technology”

GigE-camera IDS UI-5240CP-M-DL

USB3-camera PTGREY FL3‑U3‑32S2C‑CS 2080x1552pixels

Datapath x4 Wall Controller
very versatile and professional alternative for matrox xx-heads

Datapath VisionDVI-DL
PCIexpress CaptureCard for DVI-DUAL-Link signals

datapath Vision SDI2
PCIExpress CaptureCard for 2 HDSDI/3G video signals

If there is interest in playing with one of the above mentioned “toys”, i will make sure that it will be there - please post in this thread.


@MSBERGER - I’m interested in Samsung Sur40 and MT550 MultiTaction Cell 55".

@MSBERGER The GigE-camera! The GigE-camera! :)

anyone with nvidia 3d vision, 120hz monitor, shutter glasses +vvvv?

sebl and me are bringing a pc, 1x shutter glasses, a 3d vision projector onto a kicker table and a 5MP gigE. and all we ask for the effort is some decent truss and good coffee all day long (and maybe club mate) <3

all code for the foosball3000 will be on github. looking forward to some merry sharing

I can take my WiiMote for anybody to try.

hi guys, i believe you are not gonna offer 24/7, setting there and waiting.
so pls as soon as you are so far let us know your schedule here or

We gonna bring sparks dvimixer with vuxen

ARDrone V2, Kinect

@io I was thinking of buying one of those (AR Drone), so would be great to have a look at yours at some point.

ok, so our stuff is at Inspektor


the ARDrone is parked at the Hackerspace, but seems to have some problems, meet me there and we can try it out.