Node13 feeling

Well this is not a thread about vvvv, this is a thread about vvvv community.

I would like to make it shot to read …

This was my first time on Node, and what i can i say, it was the best week of many years. All the vvvvstuff that i saw, was completely stunning… but the best things of all it was all the people that i meet!

I cant really leave Frankfurt without saying this. I try to speak with everybody at the closing party to express this idea, but was so happy ( and drunk ) that Im sure that it was hard to understand me :P .

It was a pleasure to meet all of you. It was lovely to hang out in the hackspace, i think that Node was way more that another Art festival.

I can’t really make a list of everybody that i met, but for sure i will remember this guys…

antokio,m4d,west,io,vux,eric,collorsound,lucasgutierrez,kalle,JoanieLemercier,eliotwoods,AndreasBrendle,Memo, felixherbst, and this list continues!

You guys inspire people, keep doing it.

Andres :)

저도 다음번엔 가보고 싶어요!

Totally I agree with sansui