Node10 workshop wishlist

dir vvvvisitors of node10,

following up on an older thread we’d like to hear from you what you’re looking forward to at node10 concerning the workshop program. besides the obligatory beginner workshops that seemed to have run quite well last time (anybody still here who attended one of them?) we’ll have some more practical workshops this year (details still to come). as in 08 we’ll also have workshops covering certain advanced topics.

in order to balance supply and demand, this is where we’d like to hear your ideas: what workshops would you like to attend at node10?

please put your requests below…

I would like to see more (at node10 or on the vvvveb) examples/methods/patterns for handling larger projects. There’s a lot of information for learning all the parts of vvvv but how to put everything together into something complex while minimizing pain?

Maybe “postmortems” of some interesting non-trivial projects with reflections of what went right and what could have been done better and how problems were overcome.

General strategies for handling the design of big projects.

In none particulate order:

Advanced Boygroups/Networking

Advanced Hardware Interfacing

User Interface Design for Multitouch and Advanced Hardware.

Video signal conditioning for tracking applications?

Augmented REality.

tracking and augmented reality are vvvvery good topics.

i’m always keen on optimizitations regarding performance. while vvvv scales very well with bigger and bigger (sub-)patches, i find myself often wanting more polygons/fps. if the way to go is boygrouping, yeah, i’m interested in that.

i find all kind of c# workshops interesting, especially slimdx examples.

and i like the idea of a discussion about handling of large projects. many speakers could talk about a project in detail…maybe picking a special topic such as collaborative patching, media management, bug testing…etc.

c# , f# , plugins for bloody newbies!!

Here it goes in a not so ordered fashion, but these things are what I would like to see at NODE10

I second the advanced subjects, especially a workshop on organizing larger and collaborative projects would be interesting. advanced artnet+dmx should slo be featured.

Also some workshops for the newbies.

but one thing that I am sure will work out all by itself but I think it is the most important part of NODE is networking and meeting new and interesting people.

at NODE08 sanch talked about live VJ’ing I know there are more paople VJ’ing with vvvv, myself included but we are doing it in pretty different ways, perhaps a couple of different angles on live performance with vvvv, I don’t know if it would be a workshop or some sort of talk.

some sort of talks a bit like at NODE08 would also be interesting.

at the last node, the hostel worked out very well for this, but I would suggest that some sort of organized activity that will encourage and boost the networking would be good too, think common dinner, lunch under more informal circumstances.

the Patcher kuchas at NODE08 were also brilliant, great to see what people are doing with vvvv so keep that as well.

I was at Pixelache some weeks ago, there they had this BarCamp day where the participants organized the whole day by themselves. They had made a wiki where anyone could post that they would “give a lecture” on something or you could just show up and put a title on a room in a schedule.
The idea was that it should generate discussions. As I experienced it, it worked out really well, so a NODEcamp one of the days would be really interesting as well as really boost the networking Camp Pixelache wiki

Well this expanded beyond just workshop wishes but I hope it is ok.

  • sunep

I attended the workshops as a newbie at node08 and i’m still here and kicking.

My favourite workshop was, i think it was called, my favourite nodes. I can’t remember if it was tonfilm or joreg who did it but it was really interesting to see experienced vvvvers patches, it was great inspiration as to what is achievable. I like to see cool patches running and then be shown and explained how they were created. For me, less of the specifics and more of the whole glorious picture.

@xd: glad to have at least one survivor. if i am not mistaken “his favorite nodes” where demonstrated by mr. oschatz

@all: thanks so far, please keep them comming…

hmmmm, maybe it was mr. oschatz. not convinced though. It was 2 years ago now! I remember who ever it was showing a Google maps screen capture patch which made be think wow that’s cool. Anyway, thanks who ever it was.

my wish list is:

debugging and high performance tricks
shaders programming
all about custom meshes, vertexbuffer, texturing 3d odjects

discuss a making of compilier to run patches without vvvv (hahaha)

i support the f# request.

agreed!!++ > debugging and high performance tricks
agreed!!++ > custom meshes, vertexbuffer, texturing 3d odjects
agreed!!++ > f#

hi guys , i,d be interested in c# pluging bussiness mainly, shaders , mapping basic and advance techniques , lighting hardware ( maybe also nice discussion on users findings and test with other hardware like cameras , infrared lamps etc ) and big projects managing tricks .

of course see again old and new vvvv buddies ;D .

  • vertex shader
  • matrix operations , transformations

bump. anybody else planning to check into some workshops at node10?

I would love to go shaders, boygroups, XML nodes like SetPatch GetPatch (for normal users), Spread logic tip’s and tricks + matrix operations, transformations, learn more Expr node, and just Math for better understanding :;]
vvvv vs perfomance.

didn’t saw this topic earlier…

I think it would be nice to have a workshop about live patching techniques, tricks, and magic. maybe it could be just a talk as sunep says.

Boygrouping, Large projects, debugging, well… everything sounds great to learn actually

as xd says, handling textures, i would add creating and preparing textures, for displacement, cubemap, etc. would be nice. I really lack in photoshop so it’s always hard to prepare this details.

@joreg wish I could make it to one of your workshops… Canada is far away.

Second note on the F#. Used to code matlab quite a bit, functional programming opens many doors especially for recursive or adaptive filtering of signals.

Advanced Vertex and Pixel Shaders