Node10 - Projecting on things - is it for me?

Hello again…
i’d be interested in partecipating to the “projecting on things” workshop at node10 in november but in the end of the workshop presentation i read: “for the purpose of the workshop we require the participants to have a well developed (or natural) talent for VVVV.” so i was asking myself if i have the knowledge to do it…and for this matter i opened this thread so i hope you can help me to solve this issue…

Please consider this:
1) It’s some time i see online videos of 3d projections or “projection on things” but it’s just one week or so that i have started to work on vvvv, i have followed all the online tutorials/video tutorials and now i’m trying to do some projections on 3d objects using the projector node/pointEditor/homography but since it’s just some days that i’ve started i’m not very confident with it…
2) i don’t know how to use any 3d software like blender, 3ds max, cinema 4d ecc…
3) i usually do 2d videos using after effects so i have a good knowledge of that

With what i said before i’d ask you (or maybe to catweasel and sugokuGENKI that are the masters of the workshop) if in your opinion i could have the right skills to follow this workshop or not…

P.S. i read that MOST of the workshops are held in english…this will entirely be in english or not? because i don’t speak german…

thank you, i hope you can help me

Hey crash

Firstly, the workshop will be in English. Me and chris have got very limited knowledge of other European languages. We can both say hello in at least 1 east asian language.

From what you have said, you’re starting to get familiar with the concepts of mapping,
i.e. what to expect when you try to line up patterns coming out of your projector with real world objects.
this is, of course, very useful experience for this workshop

We included the requirement for a ‘well developed (or natural) talent for vvvv’ because during our workshop you’ll need to be able to operate a range of vvvv features.

Ideally you can do the following before the workshop:
0. install vvvv without any trouble / assistance

  1. handle spreads calmly, have used a ‘Binsize’ pin
  2. store vector data in Queue’s, S+H’s
  3. know what a shader does, and tiny bit about how it works.*
  4. be able to use a chain of transforms, and the ‘* Transform’ node.

/* try 2 little tasks by hacking an existing shader and get a bit of a feeling for why your hacks do what they do:
/1. make an object white by changing the code (hint: return 1;).
/2. make an object 1/2 the size by changing the code (hint: /= 2;)

If you can do all that, then you’ll do well at the workshop.
Otherwise you might have to skip over some specific sections, but you’ll still get practical knowledge about mapping and be able to implement it yourself at the end by chopping up the examples.

Me and catweasel are going to have a meeting next week when more details about the format of the workshop will be known.

What would be useful for the time being, is if anybody who is attending our workshop could introduce themselves here (background, company, what you want to get out of the workshop, vvvv skill level, 1 example of previous work). That could really help us to make our decisions about how to operate the workshop