Node08 coming&staying

As the shoutbox seems to worry about incoming node 08 details like coming and staying, i think it could be nice to drop flight/train/hotel companies in a thread so that it’s easier to keep an history.

So come on, dutch users let us know how to keep a little bit money for the rest of the month ;). seems to offer some reasonable rates. they have some rooms in ffm sachsenhausen (quite close) and appartments in ffm-bornheim (also quite close)

You could look for Hotels in nearby Cities like:

The Etap Hotel in Darmstadt for example charges 41 Eur/night.


i live with me girlfriend and her 2 daughters (10 and 13 y) in a 4 room flat near wiesbaden station. if you cannot afford any hotels around or whatever, please contact me. my girlfriend likes the idea to have guests from all over the world.

but careful: we may visit you once in rome,paris or whereever!!!