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I encountered a problem with color spresds… Look at the bottom of the snapshot: I have connected an GetSlice (color) and a + (color) to an InsertSlice (spreads), but I can’t connect this ensemble to the Color pin of my segment.

Is there a solution to connect them anyway?

0#0.jpg (200.6 kB)

i wonder how you connect the + (color) to the InsertSlice (Spreads) ?
a color pin cannot be connected to value pins and vice versa. you have to redo it with get and set slice nodes …

did you accidentally get a GetSlice (Spreads) and a + (Value) instead of the color type nodes? otherwise i don´t get the clue how you did manage to connect to InsertSlice (Spreads) … like tonfilm mentioned

I don’t know myself how I connect those nodes! I’ll try with get and set slice; the nodes I connected are those I described on my screenshot and I don’t understand how those nodes can be connected, that’s why I took it for a bug

perhaps you post that patch that someone may look into it.