Node type pins connection and type names broken

That one been around for a little while, but didn’t seem to get reported, so here we go.

Basically IOBox (Node), GetSlice (Node) and Switch (Node) are fundamentally broken, often reporting wrong datatype and ignoring connection handlers so we can connect types that should not be able to.

Small patch to replicate attached, you can also notice nodes reports the wrong data type (in here is says Layer instead of Texture or Buffer).

Small patch to replicate the mentionned issue (11.2 kB)

confirmed hate with this one actually i think vvvv gets broken and crashes from that one

Thanks for the detailed report. Fix didn’t make it into beta34 anymore as the changes were a little bigger than expected so we prefered to have a longer test period for it. So check latest alphas please. Also note that the latest alpha (version 34.100 and up) needs .net 4.6 installed - setup.exe won’t check for that yet.

please report back!
if everything is good we might reconsider and put into the bug fix beta34.1

sry greg still trying to do some testing…

also why HLSL.fnr still exists in distro… This bugger was concidered unusable for many years, still every time i need to go delete it replace CSharp-Mode.xshd and HLSL-Mode.xshd with black versions from mister vux, i would consider them as defaults…

really sad there is no progress with

about issues, FPS again bit lower but feels more consistent says 35, stays on 35 no jumps
no more preview connected to switch with dynamic buffers that was crashing vvvv before
ok seems patch i had this bug badly works ok