Node reference in Gray Book

Now that there is a working search in the Gray Book, wouldn’t it be a good starting point to build a node reference in there? Just searched for PBR and was surprised nothing was shown in the results under Reference…

For me what is currently called “Reference” in the navigation of the Gray Book feels more like it could be named “Manual”, or simply “Documentation”. And “Reference” could be another menu entry which only contains what is currently listed under “Libraries”, plus a place where a node reference can evolve, with a short description of the functionality and the input and output pins.

I think the separation makes sense, when looking how Cables is structuring the documentation:


I too am looking for useful documentation and node reference.

I haven’t done any creative coding in a few years, and that was in, which has lovely docs.

Aside from the node browser itself within gamma, is there some fairly complete reference/dictionary/list of nodes in gamma?

As I’m learning gamma, I find myself inspecting the pins on a node that and looking at the data types, and wishing I could see which other nodes could possibly connect. It is a frustrating situation.

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hey figgalicous, just want to make sure you’re aware of the general ways of finding help.

a full node reference with infos on all nodes and pins is unfortunately not feasible. we attempted such a thing years back for vvvv beta and failed. so at this point our focus is on providing help via the help browser.

I can see that doing this for all nodes is not doable at all. But only for the CoreLib, Skia, Stride and MediaFoundation? And additionally provide some kind of a system or structure, in which developers of other libraries can add the documentation of their nodes to the Gray Book?

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