NODE One Week Shader Workshop VOTE

So, it’s arent free, and if we all vote here, thay should find mircle guy who can teach us techniques of shader codding one week full time! And i mean raymarch, raycast, theory, practice and concepts.

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+1… no text …

it ‘aint free’ but also note that the workshop teachers are doing it out of love not money.

so the highly skilled at this might not be able to prioritise preparing all the teaching materials to transfer all the concepts (if they have paid work on that they have to prioritise). other than that, i’m +1 of course. and there is a lot of time between now and then

i hope i’ll be too busy teaching to sit in though! (shame :(…)

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i’d be happy to simply watch a “let’s play hlsl” live

so we thinking to shrink the workshop to prob to two days, or make it not full time, and for a teacher we want Matt

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+1… no text …

Want to renovate this vote with:


and +1000 for Swoboda as a teacher ;)

they are doing definately serious stuff up there!

but what about this vote? isn’t it up to people to offer a workshop anyway? and from which moneypot do you want to get a “special” person there?